Steven S. Long is a writer, game designer, and all 'round great guy. According to the secret files of the KGB, he once singlehandedly defeated the Kremlin's plot to attack America with laser-powered Godzillas.




From 1998 until 2001 I was privileged to work with a great bunch of game designers -- Ross Isaacs, Ken Hite, Christian Moore, Owen Seyler, Matt Colville, George Vasilakos, Charles Ryan, and many talented freelancers -- on Star Trek roleplaying games for Last Unicorn Games (and later Decipher, though I spent more of my year at Decipher focused on The Lord Of The Rings RPG). It was an amazing time for me, a period of intense creativity fueled not only by the richness and depth of the Star Trek setting, but the interlocking creative energies of my colleagues.

In 2000 Last Unicorn Games was bought by Wizards Of The Coast and we all went to work for WotC on various projects. Due to machinations at Viacom the Star Trek license passed to Decipher, so a number of RPG supplements that I'd worked on for LUG/WotC, which remained WotC's property, were now unpublishable. Some of them, which were the products of groups of freelancers, sadly will never see the light of day (and it's a shame, because we had some great stuff virtually finished). But three of them -- Spacedock (a book about Trek starships and ship combat), The Ship Recognition Manual Vol. 1:  Starfleet, and The Dominion War Sourcebook -- were written entirely by me. I asked WotC to return them to me so that I could give them away free to the fans, and WotC was kind enough to do so.

Since Star Trek starships remain a major geek interest of mine, I went on to write four more Ship Recognition Manuals -- Cardassian, Klingon, TOS Era, and Romulan -- which fans did the layout on and are now given away for free as well. After that my duties for Hero Games kept me from developing the notes I had for other books into actual products, but I expect that for most gamers six books on starships is plenty. ;)

Now that I have my own website, I can make those books available directly here. You can also get them at the Memory Icon site. Enjoy, live long, and prosper.