Steven S. Long is a writer, game designer, and all 'round great guy. According to the secret files of the KGB, he once singlehandedly defeated the Kremlin's plot to attack America with laser-powered Godzillas.




My first work in the RPG industry, as a freelancer, was for Hero Games beginning in 1992. I wrote articles for its magazine, Adventurer's Club, and also some bits of one supplement. Based on that I decided, "Hey, I could write a whole book!" and thus the first edition of Dark Champions was born. It was a big success and a great "foot in the door" for me with the RPG industry as a whole. After that I wrote several other supplements for Hero in the mid-Nineties before the company went into a moribund period.

In 2001 the opportunity arose for me and some business partners to acquire the Hero Games assets from the company that owned them at the time (Cybergames, it was called). We did so and I spent the next ten years as HERO System Line Developer, my dream job in the RPG industry. During that time the company produced 108 books, of which I wrote the vast majority.

It was a great time, and even though I'm no longer directly employed by Hero Games, my involvement with the HERO System definitely hasn't ended. I have some plans in the works to create supplements for the HERO System as a licensee... and this is just the place to find out more.

You can find my current HERO System products, and other projects in the works, on the Elvensong Street Press page here at my website.